Didier Parakian

DIDIER PARAKIAN Fall Winter 2015 / 16

Through the Fall Winter 2015-16 collection, the Didier Parakian House tells the story of a journey whereit findsits roots. The perfectly balanced mix between ethnic inspirations and metropolitan influences is the key of this collection.

For all occasions, from morning to night, the image of an extremely active woman, feminine and aware, takes shape.

Prints remain the highlight: dresses, shirts, trousers and jackets are printed with drawings evoking exotic cultures, and co-ordinated into a strong total look.

The colours merge in the prints and the plains creating unusual but refined ensembles.

Little accents of yellow, rust and red oppose but complete each others, in assortment with black and white, peacock blue and plum color.

The knit stitch takes a major place in the collection. The jacquard loom, trademark of the label, is enriched with new mixes, and an entire new range of knit stitches is present.

Luxurious materials and unique techniques define the silhouettes and modern proportions of this new collection.


For twenty years, the Didier Parakian labelhas been highly respected in the international panorama, thanks to its unique style and the quality of its products.

It occupies a privileged place throughout all ready-to-Wear brands.

Born in France, on the Southern Coast, the collection draws its roots from the history of the Parakian‘s family.The exotic tastes of the Armenian cultureare combined with the chromatic sensitivity of Mediterranean cities and the elegance of the French style.

The result of this alliance of influences is then wisely elaborated by the best Italian factories with the highest Made in Italy standards.

The prints, the jacquard loom, the chromatic contrasts and the embroideries are the significant signs of the Didier Parakian collection, which combines sensualism and elegance, ina more and more contemporary spirit.

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